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Students who do not have resources to appear of the examination would be assisted by colleges that are asked to seek help from the local administration. In areas where it is not possible to conduct exams online, colleges are allowed to conduct offline tests.

Mumbai University news

Meeting apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and others would be used to conduct Practical exams or viva voce online. However, the reports suggest that a phone call can also become a designated medium. Colleges have been asked to prepare a question bank for oral and theory exams. Given the format of the exam, the option for revaluation will not be allowed.

    The University of Mumbai held a seminar to make provisions and to plan the ways to conclude final year students. In the seminar various judgments we're made which are as follows:-


    The seminar attendees decided to create two separate platforms to conclude the exams of Semester 7 and Semester 8 students so that there might not be any technical issue provoking complications in students' exams.


    The software that will be used to conduct, supervise, and conclude this exam is provided by the University of Mumbai. While attempting the questions if suddenly the gadget shuts down or power off don't panic, Restart your gadget or device, re-login using your credentials and resume your paper from wherever you left. The software will be available on both smartphones (Android) and laptops or desktops (Windows).


    The Question Bank for the particular subject of last year students in their respective domain will be provided by The University of Mumbai. This time colleges won't have any right to intervene between the last year's students exam The colleges will not be providing question banks as the MU is providing. You can get your bank of questions on the university official website.


    The University of Mumbai providing question bank will have 100 questions in total. These questions are just for practice and revision purposes. The probability of the QB questions is likely very less to come in the exams. The Question Bank will be provided concerning the subject exam i.e. question bank for different subjects will be provided preceding the respective subject exam.


    The exam held by the University of Mumbai for final year students will have a definite pattern. The syllabus of the exam will be particular to colleges. The exam pattern will have 25 questions. Each question will weigh for 2 marks each. These marks will then be revamped to 80 marks. The passing criteria will be similar to our regular exam pattern.


    The University of Mumbai made provisions to conduct a mock test for the final year students. As the platform of examination is completely new to students, the exam hosts service providers will conduct a mock test which will be a doubt clearing seminar for the final year students. The students will surely get familiar with the matter and content the service provider offers. Also, the students will be guided with their posture of seating in front of the gadget (laptop or smartphone) and many other rules and regulations which are mandatory to follow for successful completion of the examination.

    Mumbai University Training Module App:-


    1) Operating System: WINDOWS 

         Device: LAPTOPS / PC

    The recommended configuration (Minimum) for the device to be used for the Exam is:

    ◦ OS – Windows 8/8.1/10

    ◦ RAM – 4 GB

    ◦ HDD – min 2 GB, and recommended 10 GB free

    space available

    ◦ Camera

    ◦ Microphone

    2) Operating System: ANDROID 

         Device: SMARTPHONES

    The recommended configuration (Minimum) for the device to be used for the Exam is:

    OS – Android Ver 5.1 and above

    ◦ Processor - 1.2 GHz Quad-Core and above

    ◦ RAM – 4 GB

    ◦ HDD – min 2 GB, and recommended 10 GB free

    space available

    ◦ Camera - 2 MP and above

    ◦ Microphone


    A welcome email will be sent to your University registered email ID
    This email will contain details on Installation, Do’s and Don’t’s before the exam and support numbers for you to contact us in case of any queries

    ◦ Note: To ensure you receive this email, please contact the University to ensure your email ID in the University database is correct


    Mumbai University (MU) Welcome Email - muquestionppers

    STEP 1:

    ◦ Please read through the entire email that has been sent to you

    ◦ When you are ready to install the application please click on the URL provided

    ◦ Log in using the Username and Password provided in the email

    ◦ The system will request you to type in a security key to make sure you are not a robot. Kindly enter the security key and please note that it is case sensitive and must be entered accordingly

    Mumbai University (MU) Exam Login App - muquestionpapers

    STEP 2:

    ◦ Once you login in you will see your student dashboard

    ◦ Click on view to open the MU Exam App Installation, Training, and another material pop-up

    ◦ Depending on the device of your choice, please click on the appropriate link to download the MU Exam App. The download will begin automatically

    ◦ You may also download training documents, FAQ’s and your privacy policy here

    mumbai-exam-app-3rd-step-mu muquestionpaper

    STEP 3: 

    ◦ Click on the downloaded file within your downloads folder and the setup wizard will open.

    ◦ Note: Windows installer may request for user account controls – please click on “YES”

    ◦ Using system recommended installation procedures, continue to press the ‘Next’ button for all the steps Installation Wizard displays



    Once the installation is complete MU Exam App icon will be available in the start menu or you may search for it by typing “MU Exam” in the search bar of the taskbar

    MU EXAM APP LAUNCH - muquestionpaper


    1. To launch the application please click on the MU Exam App icon in the start menu or by typing “MU Exam” in the search bar of the taskbar

    2. Application will launch automatically, and you will see the screen displayed on the left 

    ◦ Please enter the unique Username and Password provided in your e-mail (the
     the same username and password used to login to cloud)

    ◦ Click on the “Login” button to proceed
    MU EXAM APP Registration - muquestionpaper

    ◦ This screen will open for all new users

    ◦ Click “Yes” to continue with the registration process

    ◦ Ensure internet connectivity is available before proceeding

    Note: If you have already registered, this alert will not be displayed

    ◦ Verify the details displayed ◦ Student Name ◦ Roll Number ◦ Program / Course enrolled ◦ Mobile Number ◦ You may add or edit your mobile number by clicking on the mobile number section


    ◦ Once all details are checked click on “Proceed” to complete registration
    Note: International students to enter valid Indian mobile number, if unavailable to enter “1234567890”

    ◦ Once registration is complete this screen will be available for the following actions:

    1. View the schedule of the upcoming exams and availability of E-Doc

    LIVE EXAM Question Paper Download


    ◦ If exams have already been scheduled by your institution, then the exam schedule will be available here

    ◦ Any exam question papers that are available for download will automatically download when the application is opened with an active internet connection

    ◦ Progress status of the question paper download will be visible on this screen

    ◦ You can “Refresh” if progress status is stuck or the available schedule is not visible


    ◦ Once the exam question paper is downloaded, the same screen will be visible

    ◦ Options to proceed:

    1. You may proceed to practice exam

    2. Remain on the same screen

    3. Close the application

    Note: If the exam is scheduled to start in the next 5 mins, you will be automatically redirected to the exam policies screen

    ◦ If you are in practice exam mode, 5 minutes before the exam app will auto shut down and the app will have to be launched again

    LIVE EXAM Session


    mumbai mu exam policy - muquestionpaper

    ◦ Please read through the honor pledge and exam policies carefully

    ◦ Click on the “I Agree” button to proceed to the authentication page


    1. You will receive an unlock key via SMS and email

    2. Please enter the provided unlock key in the box given

    3. If your device camera is functioning please position your face clearly so the face is detected. Only once the green circle around your face is shown will the “Unlock” key be enabled to proceed.

    4. If the camera is not detected, the “Unlock” key will be enabled automatically
    5. Click on the “Unlock” button to proceed to Exam

    Note: Please ensure you have received you unlock key before the launch of the app, if not please call the support numbers

    ◦ International students and those who have not received the unlock key via SMS please check email for the same


    ◦ This screen will appear once the authentication is complete

    ◦ Please wait until the exam question paper loads

    ◦ Please ensure your laptop/desktop is sufficiently charged or is plugged into power to last the course of the exam


    ◦ The question paper for your exam will open at the prescribed start time of the exam

    ◦ You will have your University logo at the top center, the subject name below; the total marks of the paper on the left

    ◦ Your proctoring images will be shown to you within the box shown on the top left.

    ◦ This box may be re-sized or moved anywhere on the convenient screen.


    ◦ Click on the desired answer
    ATTEMPTING MCQ - mumbai university - mu -

    ◦ The selection can be changed multiple times until section-time runs out or exam time is over

    ◦ The green color on the selection and Q.No. indicates that a question has been attempted.

    ◦ Note: the green color does not validate the correctness of the answer.


    ◦ Finish Exam: ◦ Once you are satisfied with your answer scripts and are ready to complete the exam
    EXAM FINISH - mumbai university - mu - muquestionpaper

    ◦ Click on the “Finish Exam” button to submit your answer script

    ◦ You will see a pop -up checking if you want to finish the exam

    ◦ If you are certain, please click the “Yes” button to submit

    ◦ Auto Finish: ◦ The exam will auto-complete and answer scripts submitted at the end of the exam time if the Finish Exam button is not clicked

    Note: Answer script cannot be accessed once submitted


    ◦ If your device or application freezes or shuts down during the exam

    STEP 1: Re-start device / application

    ◦ Please re-start the device/application and follow the same steps to launch the MU Exam App

    STEP 2: Login

    ◦ During login at this stage, only Username and Password will be required; unlock key is not required

    STEP 3: Resume exam

    ◦ The exam will automatically resume from the failover point and you will not lose any answers already given

    ◦ The time taken to restart the device/application will be added to the exam session time ensuring no exam time is lost

    LIVE EXAM Answer Script Upload


    ◦ Once the exam is completed, either by clicking on the “Finish Exam” button on the dashboard or by auto finish – the screen will change to the one on the left
    ◦ This indicates that the Exam is finished and the answer script is being prepared for submission


    ◦ Once the answer script is prepared and ready it will upload automatically

    ◦ Internet available:

    ◦ If the internet connection is available immediately post-exam, the script will upload at that time

    ◦ The application will shut down post successful upload

    ◦ Internet NOT available

    ◦ Switch off the device

    ◦ Whenever the internet is available, launch MU Exam App and log in using username and password only

    ◦ The available answer scripts will automatically upload


    ◦ Please launch the MU Exam App and log in using your credentials

    ◦ Navigate to the “Status” tab in the Schedule / Status Screen

    ◦ Here you will be able to see the status of your ADOCs and whether they have been uploaded successfully

    ◦ An orange tick mark with the words “Uploaded” indicates that your ADOC has been uploaded

    ◦ A green tick mark with the words “Processed” indicates that your ADOC has been successfully processed for evaluation

    ◦ Your exam process for that subject is complete only once the ADOC has been processed

    ◦ If any ADOCs are in pending status, please ensure you have an active internet connection and click on refresh for the ADOCs to upload