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Due to coronavirus, the lockdown has affected students across India greatly. Students are missing out on academic sessions and are uncertain about their examinations too. to cater to psychological state issues like anxiety and a general feeling of frustration that arise during such times of worldwide crisis, Mumbai University has started an initiative to know bent students who need expert counseling.

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    Mumbai University (MU) final year (BE) Exams to be canceled or not? 

    impact on final year exams in Maharashtra
    Mumbai University Exam Cancled or not

    Supreme Court has announced its final judgment on the UGC Exam Guidelines and thus the matter of the last word year university examinations. While the apex court has upheld the principles. it's also upheld Maharashtra Government’s decision to cancel the last word year examinations, calling it within the tenets of the Disaster Management Act. SC, however, has also stated that degrees can't be granted without the last word year examination.

    In the detailed order, the Supreme Court has clarified that the States, while well within their rights, can cancel the examination scheduled for a selected date, they will not choose the way of granting degrees. The apex court has ruled that the correct grant degrees vests with the UGC.

    Study till Mumbai university decision

    Upholding the choice that examinations are mandatory, Supreme Court has said that the states can reach bent UGC for extension of the September 30 deadline – supported specific situations within the state.

    Final year (BE) university exams in the October 1st week; 'Student will have not to step out of there place/house'

    (BE) Final-year university (MU) exams are likely to be held within the primary week (1st Week) of October, and results would be declared by the highest of the month.

    The schedule and modalities of managing the exam for nearly 8 lakh students within the state are becoming to be announced two days after the committee of vice-chancellors finalizes its plan. The organization headed by Mumbai University (MU) VC Suhas Pednekar is thinking various possibilities, Maharashtra’s higher and technical education minister Uday Samant announced on Monday following a gathering with the committee. 

    After the (SC) Supreme Court held that states got to adhere to the University Grants Commission’s guidelines, and conduct exams, the govt constituted a six-member panel that presented its report on Monday.

    The committee will compute a student-friendly mode of exams, including online open book tests with objective-based questions or even assignments. Samant said the UGC (University Grants Commission) has suggested that question papers and answer sheets are often sent to students’ homes if there is no access to devices or connectivity. The committee will inspect these options, he said. 

    The final-year exam papers will assail less number of marks to ease the burden of students. The 5-month deadlock over the exams ended on Friday with the (SC) Supreme Court ruling in favor of holding the examination.

    Final year (BE) exams might be held in asynchronous mode, online

    Preparedness was the keyword as colleges, students and the school held online meetings to debate the way during which exams are often held.
    Final Year BE Online Exam - Mumbai University Decide to take

    The decision on the Mumbai University Final Year Examinations would want to be taken by the govt. soon. the govt, though can cancel any immediate examination, eventually, however, the ultimate word examinations would want to be conducted. the way of testing and mode of examination would be decided by the university supported the UGC Exam Guidelines began for the year.

    Mumbai University (MU) Final Year (BE) examinations, first scheduled in July were postponed. The exams were later canceled by the Maharashtra Government. the choice was later challenged and delayed till the SC verdict, which has been announced. Students are advised to stay a lookout for a circular from the govt or the university regarding the examination. Information, once released, would even be provided on this page. within the interim, students must consider their studies and make the foremost of this point.

    Conducting final year (BE) exams in an asynchronous mode, possibly online, is that the biggest option that will be explored during the pandemic, several academicians post the Supreme Court verdict on final-year exams on Friday. within the asynchronous mode, all students needn't take exams at the identical time.
    Boy studying online - laptop - mumbai university final year

    Preparedness was the keyword as colleges, students and college faculty held online meetings to discuss how exams are held. For colleges, it had been all about infrastructure and staffing and for faculty kids, revision classes. Several students were disappointed with the order, they have the exam process to be expedited. University officials said allowing students to want exams from centers closer home could be one option if physical exams are inevitable. The state will conduct exams for nine lakh, final year (BE) students, in non-agricultural public universities. Mumbai University alone has more than two lakh examinees.

    Maharashtra Students Union, which had filed an intervention plea in SC, isn't keen on seeking a review, saying it might be time-consuming. "The judgment isn't in favor of scholars," said one student from the union.

    Coaching classes saw a surge in involves revision tutorials. "Students were enjoying the lockdown. We feel the state must give students a minimum of 1 month to arrange," said Narendra Bhambwani, former vice-president, Maharashtra Coaching Classes Owners' Association.

    Some of the autonomous colleges are exploring online proctored for exams. Hari Vasudevan, principal of DJ Sanghvi College, said software is employed for online tests for placements. The principal of Don Bosco College, announced now students are visiting be better placed armed with a merit-based Marks sheet.

    On May 31, the govt. decided to cancel the final-year exams. But, on 6 July, UGC made exams mandatory. After multiple court petitions, the Supreme Court upheld UGC's directive but relaxed the September 30 deadline.

    Mumbai University approved 36 colleges for the academic year 2021-2022

    On 26th August 2020, Wednesday, the members of the University of Mumbai senate approved 36 colleges for the academic year 2021-2022.
    Currently, the University of Mumbai has quite 823 affiliated colleges spread across the town and so the state.
    Mumbai University Colleges - Online Exam Building
    On 25 August, the yearly council meeting for approval of the new perspective plan was conducted virtually alternately because of the coronavirus. This plan which happens annually has laid out locations for the proposed new affiliated colleges thanks to the five-year perspective plan under the university.

    As per the data shared by (University Of Mumbai) Mumbai University, 36 fresh new colleges are to introduce in 16 traditional colleges, 3 hotel management, 6 law colleges, 1 night and 1 work college each, 2 hospitality colleges, and 1 college each for integrated education, education, and sports total 36 were added.

    Earlier, MU had issued guidelines for conducting online classes because of the pandemic. during a bid to conduct the strategy smoothly, teachers were asked to divide each subject into four quadrants, which are video lectures, specially prepared reading which can be downloaded and printed, self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes, and an internet discussion forum to clear all doubts of students who are being taught through this e-learning method.

    Mumbai University - Official Building Gate

    Back within the primary week of August, MU had released a circular stating that aside from first-year undergraduate and postgraduate graduate courses, colleges should start e-learning for the new year.

    Mumbai University circular on online classes

    The circular further states that faculties should also make such lectures available on YouTube and Facebook.
    Online Classes - Mumbai University - E Learning

    Almost 3 weeks after the University of Mumbai (MU) announced that everyone affiliated colleges decide to start regular online lectures for the 2020-21 academic year, the varsity has released details on the thanks to carrying over the new kind of classes.

    College teachers are told to divide each subject into four quadrants/parts — video lectures, specially prepared reading which can be downloaded/printed, self-assessment tests through tests/quizzes, and an internet discussion forum to clear all doubts.

    The circular further states that just in case of students struggling to participate in online lectures due to lack of kit or internet connections, colleges should also make such lectures available on YouTube share notes via google classroom/email/WhatsApp, and personally dial students and provide counseling.

    “Lecturers (College Staff/Teachers) are informed to form small groups of (five to ten) 5 to 10 students for proper conversation inside the group to review daily lecture lessons and collect their feedback also. Counseling sessions should even be conducted and teachers should be in regular touch with parents also,” states the circular which dated August 24.

    While several teachers have found students adapting to online classes well, the (MU) Bombay University and College Teachers’ Union (BUCTU) has called this move “far from reality”, especially within the case of scholars in rural Maharashtra. “Mumbai University (MU) is pretending all students are staying in their places in Mumbai/Bombay and other big cities but what about students stuck in there in rural Maharashtra with no electricity/power supply or limited time electricity at the present to even charge their phones/laptop/PC, mostly thanks to the incessant rains?” queried one of the members of (BUCTU) Bombay University and College Teachers Union.

    Girl Studying for exam

    Previously, the MU (University of Mumbai) had released a circular on August 2 addressed to all or any affiliated colleges. It stated that with the completion of admissions for all batches, except first-year undergraduate and postgraduate graduate courses, colleges should start virtual lectures just for the new school year August 7 onwards.

    Several teacher organizations from across the state had objected to the present sudden decision by the university, especially amid lack of clarity given by the varsity about how these classes would be conducted for college kids stuck in their hometowns in rural Maharashtra thanks to the continued lockdown.

    Daily lectures are capped at 3 to five classes each day, with a 10-15 minute mandatory break after every 2 hours. the universities have also been requested to supply a lesson schedule every week beforehand. Online applications like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google classrooms, and Webex are recommended to induct online classes projecting e-content that each college was directed to organize under the directions of a first-order issued by the University in May.

    Further pointers explain how e-learning is often made simpler by devising a question-answer format, multiple-choice questions, and circulation of assessment sheets, PPTs, recorded lectures, and completed assignments via mail or Youtube links on WhatsApp. These classes shall be conducted across all colleges and batches that have completed the admission procedure, apart from the first-year undergraduate and postgraduate batches.

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