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 So you've finished your journey of 10th (SSC), 11th, 12th or Diploma schooling and have taken it upon yourself to further your academics into the daunting realm of science. Or perhaps you are only interested in what drives people to seek four more years of grueling work which leads to a mediocre paying job that receives nowhere near enough recognition (no bias, of course...). So you're entering your first year as an engineering student, what do you have to expect? And what can you do to succeed? There is no single right answer, and everyone's experience will be different. However, if there was how to succeed in bent my naive first-year self, the subsequent are the items I might let myself know.

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Explore different types of engineering:

Some of you'll start college life thinking that civil engineers are known for his or her politeness (because they’re so civil – get it…?). Others will think that obtaining a computer science degree involves playing Titanfall. In short, tons of you are doing not know much about different types of engineering and doubtless haven't any idea which field is true for you. Those who know their engineering fields and are adamant that they need to be a chemical engineer may find themselves questioning their choice after taking chemistry classes. Regardless of your knowledge of the various types of engineering, it’s important to keep an open mind.

There are many factors to think about while choosing an engineering specialization: future job demand, programs at your college, your own interest, etc. Most schools offer introductory courses that may expose you to a couple of various sorts of engineering. Personally, I feel the simplest thanks to finding what's absolutely right for you is to be directly involved in engineering clubs, have a professor tell you about his/her research, or ask engineering upperclassmen about their classes. The earlier you identify what interests you the better; this manner you waste less time taking the incorrect classes and have more opportunities to hitch programs associated with your chosen field.

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Remember that leaving engineering is also an option. University is meant to show you to all or any different fields, additionally to the various sorts of engineering. Perhaps you'll find your true passion for medicine or maybe literature.

First Year all Engineering Branch Question Paper

First Year question paper
Semester 1 Semester 2

Here I will try to categorize your first-year engineering


  1. Trust me, the first year is considered to be the most scoring year and yes it is. Score as much as possible.
  2. Study for knowledge but not for CGPA, but the underlying truth is CGPA is reviewed as a gate pass for interviews (Not every company, but quite a few).
  3. If you study for knowledge, CGPA is achievable. Simply put, Knowledge is directly proportional to CGPA. The key point is gaining an equivalent knowledge at an acceptable time (I mean before exams).
  4. Never drop any exam for scoring purposes if the paper is tough in the first attempt. In my personal experience, the backlog is a real headache.

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  1. Never mess with any faculty members. They play a vital role in internal marks, they play a key role when the External paper is tough and you depend on Internal marks for passing.
  2. Check with Faculty or any seniors, they're going to have some innovative projects that they work on, I don’t expect you to try to an equivalent within the first year (FE) (1st yr) itself, but helping them in any sort, will improve your knowledge eventually. For example, you can help them in Documenting the project.
  3. Engage with Seniors who organize events at the college level, you will learn a lot.
  4. If any seniors ask you to sing a song or asks your name please note that is not called Ragging. Ragging is when it crosses a certain level and you are being hurt physically and something which goes emotional. So, chill. If you are disturbed with Ragging in college, you can contact the Anti Ragging Squad in your college, they will help you out. Mostly what happens is seniors who ask, end up becoming good friends(this happened in my case and I am not guaranteed if it doesn’t happen to you, so do not take it for granted). When I say rag here, I don’t mean literal ragging, and I am not promoting it. As long as you don’t get hurt emotionally, physically, not obscene, not embarrassed, it should be fine. And this I will rename as interaction or knowing each other but not ragging. To conclude on this point, it is always your call, if you are still disturbed with any activity, College management, and Anti Ragging Squad will help you out definitely. In Parallel, you can also give a complaint to the local police station.
  5. Towards the end of your first year engineering, ask your seniors about the paper/poster they have presented in other colleges, and take some guidance from them on this. This will train you, how to present seminars, how to select the most relevant topic, and most importantly you will come out of stage fear after a few practice sessions.
  6. There will be Faculty who are pursuing M.Tech, if you are interested you may check their project works or thesis works. Here you can plan your future education too.

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  1. Understand the difference between Friends and Acquaintances.
  2. Never board anyone’s bike in the college. My suggestion, please. I say this because most of the Engineering colleges are located outskirts and it’s very dangerous boarding/driving bikes. Please don’t hurt your parents. Do not take RISK Please.
  3. Say strictly NO to bike racing.
  4. No one is perfect in Driving. So, never trust anyone when they say, they drive good. Nowadays, we are not bothered about our driving skills but the vehicle which is coming from the opposite direction(You know what I mean).
  5. Never indulge in any fights. You have come here to this (Diamond) prestigious place to become an Engineer nothing else. Let’s focus on Becoming an Engineer.
  6. There is no hard-end such rule that you should get a girlfriend in the college. So, let’s keep this aside and concentrate on Academics.
  7. There will be guys, who will ask you to smoke, consume alcohol, or maybe taste drugs. Please, all these are not meant for you. Avoid those guys, strictly.


  1. I want to specialize in this because I even have seen many of my college mates losing their lives on road accidents.
  2. If you'll afford the school bus, please choose it. Else, you've got to travel in either RTC bus or Train. I mean to use any public transportation.
  3. You will have an extra advantage when you use public transportation, you will get some time to study on the journey, especially during exams.

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  1. Try to attend all the functions that happen at the college level.
  2. If you're interested to require some responsibility, attend volunteers, and say that you simply want to contribute.
  3. Participate in at least one game at the college level. I don’t say that you should win but would recommend you to participate.

What NOT to think in the First Year

  1. Thinking about what to do after Engineering is too early to think. GRE/GATE/CAT, it is not the correct time to think. You have some enough time, so just hold on this.
  2. I am getting to be a Mechanical Engineer/Electrical Engineer so I'm not getting to consider Coding. This is Wrong. We don’t know our destiny or we don’t know how your life is going to turn. So always learn at least one programming language.


  1. I would recommend you to spend some quality time with your parents if you are from the same city. Who knows, if you get placed tomorrow, you may work at some other location.
  2. If you are not in the same city call them at least twice/thrice in a week and discuss what is happening in the college. It gives them happiness.
  3. Never lie to your parents. If something goes wrong, they are the ones who will help you.

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I will End with Hobbies


  1. Never neglect your hobbies. Learn guitar, write some calligraphy, do painting, etc., which can motivate you.
  2. Read Books, write what have you learned from those books in your daily. This will inherently help you to grow further.
  3. Do physical exercise at least thrice a week.