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The University of Mumbai informally referred to as Mumbai University (MU) may be a collegiate public state university located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers bachelor's, master's, and Doctoral courses, also as diplomas and certificates in many disciplines just like the Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical, and Engineering. The language of instruction for several courses in English.

Mumbai University (Mu) Question Papers

     Mumbai University

    The University of Mumbai was established in 1857. The university has two campuses across Mumbai (Kalina Campus and Fort Campus) and two in the MMR region, one of them being Thane Sub Campus and the other being Kalyan Sub Campus. The Fort campus carries out administrative work only.

    The University of Mumbai is one of the most important universities in the world. The university in 2013 had 711 affiliated colleges. Ratan Tata is that the appointed head of Mumbai University's advisory council.

    Students can simply Contact Mumbai university through following numbers +91 93737 00797 and +91 96190 34634 to raise their queries amid the nationwide lockdown. 

    Mumbai university Lockdown Update

    Mumbai University Update Mu Lockdown

    On August 25, Mumbai University released details with regard to conducting online classes for the tutorial year 2020-21. so as to run the method smoothly, teachers are asked to divide each subject into four quadrants, which are video lectures, specially prepared reading which will be downloaded and printed, self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes and a web discussion forum to clear all doubts of scholars who are being taught through this e-learning method.

    Mumbai University has also instructed the varsity to continue the teaching work via an internet platform. The university will conduct exams once the lockdown is lifted and a final decision during this regard is getting to be taken on the thought of directions from the central and government.

    The State Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Uday Samant had a word with the state universities and thus the administrators of DTE in conjunction with the Principal Secretary of State asking them to return up with ideas for conducting the exams for the session 2020-21. However, Mumbai university has been not yet taken any decision regarding the exam dates and other details. the govt is perhaps getting to return up with a choice soon. The minister has also acknowledged an expert committee to help in generating a contingency plan for conducting the exam once the lockdown is lifted according to a university official.

    All national level entrance exams, recruitment, and board exams are canceled till the same and revised dates are getting to be issued after lockdown is over.

    Educational institutes and universities do their best to conduct virtual classes and to not hamper the training of the students. the faculties try their best to conduct regular classes, assign classwork and assessments so that the tutorial year of the students isn't affected.

    How to score good marks in Mumbai University (MU) theory final or Semester exams?

    How to Score Good Marks in Exam ?

    Firstly if it's a technical theory subject:

    • try to learn the concept on which the idea is explained.
    • one the concept is obvious, start to review the idea.
    • now just understand it in simple English (or whichever language it is).
    • finally relate it with the concept that you learned before.

    Secondly, if it's related to management or any similar:

    • remember that they're explaining something which happens in the real world.
    • read a para or two, try to understand in simple English (or whichever language it is).
    • relate it with some real-time scenario.
    • if you actually cannot relate it, then a minimum of imagining things how it'd happen in the real world.

    Lastly, if it's a dry / can't relate to anything, then

    • study & understand the content in simple English (or whichever language it is).
    • since you can't relate or imagine, one thing left is to write, write, write, and practice.
    Study to Remember

    NOTE: writing and studying is an amazing way to remember for the long term.

    The simple trick to scoring an honest GPA (8+) is simply to attain well within the internal exams.

    We neglect the internals despite all the question banks we are given. That is downright stupid. It is very difficult to attain 70+ in semester-end exams which may be a fact.

    Out of 100 marks for a subject, 80 marks are the written paper and 20 is the combined average of both the internals.

    For 10 GPA you would like 80/100 during a subject.

    If you'll manage a 16 marks average in your internals, you only need to score the remaining 64. Keep in mind, this is to score 10 GPA.

    For 8 GPA you'd just need to score 58.

    58/80 is not a big ask.

    A proper study in those 5–6 days of holidays will get you all the marks you would like. 

    Just do MU papers, and practice the design problems or numerical with your hand, don't be lazy about it.

    We have provided below some list of question papers based on there branch and semester so that you can download all question papers in one click.

    Mumbai University Question Papers 

    First-Year Engineering (Common for all branch)

    Second Year (SY) Electrical Engineering Mu Question Papers
    Third Year (TY) Electrical Engineering Mu Question Papers
      Final Year (BE) Electrical Engineering Mu Question Papers
        Second Year (SY) Information Technology (IT) Engineering Mu Question Papers
        Third Year (TY) Information Technology (IT) Engineering Mu Question Papers
          Final Year (BE) Information Technology (IT) Engineering Mu Question Papers
            Second Year (SY) Computer Engineering Mu Question Papers
            Third Year (TY) Computer Engineering Mu Question Papers
              Final Year (BE) Computer Engineering Mu Question Papers

                Mumbai University launched a helpline number

                Mumbai University has announced the launch of a helpline number which will help counsel anxious students during the covid-19 lockdown. 

                Mumbai University Customer Care Helpline

                 Mumbai University took the initiative to assist its students to cater to the lockdown by launching a helpline number and email facility for counseling anxious and agitated students during the nationwide lockdown. This decision was taken after the University Grants Commission had released guidelines for universities, advising them to require this step so as to form sure that the scholars can cater to their mental stress.
                The helpline facility was launched on Tuesday and has the target of helping the scholars pander to any stress they may have while handling the COVID-19 lockdown. Students can simply raise their concerns & queries or questions and will receive immediate assistance.
                Students may raise questions on the examination process, which is currently delayed because of the pandemic, and assignment submissions. Their queries are addressed by university officials in due time.

                Details of the helpline

                Students can simply Contact Mumbai university through following numbers +91 93737 00797 and +91 96190 34634 to raise their queries amid the nationwide lockdown. 
                This helpline is going to be functional from 11 am to five pm each day. Students may write an email (Mumbai University Helpline Email Id) to urge connected with any of the university officials.

                The university is currently acting on an idea to conduct the ultimate examinations of scholars during the nationwide lockdown. it's expected that the main points and dates of the examinations are released after the lockdown is officially lifted by the govt.
                All educational institutes are advised to launch a helpline number or online desk to help students during the nationwide lockdown by the UGC. Since all educational institutes are closed, students are left hanging between the old and new academic sessions. Online classes are being held and examinations are postponed till further notice amid the lockdown.

                List of Engineering Colleges in Mumbai

                Graduate Engineering Mumbai University

                Address and Details of Mumbai University

                Kalina Campus

                The Kalina campus in suburban Mumbai covers an area of 93 hectares (230 acres) and houses graduate training and research centers. Departments offering courses in the sciences, technology, commerce, and humanities are located here. The university does not have its engineering or medicine departments.

                Centers and institutes located in the Kalina Campus include:

                • A centralized assessment of answer books for various departments is carried out in a separate four-story annex. Examination processes were made more efficient by the introduction of online delivery of question papers for examinations, and assessment of answer books by scanning at remote examination centers.
                • National Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology – a research facility
                • Jawaharlal Nehru Library
                • Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, whose courses include medical transcription and management courses like agriculture business management, pharma management, and tourism management
                • Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies (ADMI) which offers BMS, MFSM and MMS programs
                • The Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) which offers courses in humanities, sciences, commerce, computing, and knowledge technology
                • Western Regional Instrumentation Centre (WRIC) – a research and training facility for instrumentation engineering and science
                • Centre for African Studies
                • Centre for Eurasian Studies
                • Marathi Bhasha Bhavan Centre which conducts academic and cultural activities related to the Marathi language

                Thane Campus

                The Thane Campus, established in 2014, spans an area of 2.4 ha (6 acres) and is a modern, two-story complex. It houses administrative offices, the School of Law, the University of Mumbai, and also undertakes management courses.

                Fort Campus

                The University of Bombay (Mumbai) (MU) was established in 1857 at the Fort campus, which is located near the southern end of Mumbai island. It has 116,000 m2 (1.25×106 sq ft) of built-up area, 2,000 m2 (22,000 sq ft) of classrooms, and 7,800 m2 (84,000 sq ft) of laboratory space. There are two post-graduate centers, 354 affiliated colleges, and 36 departments. 

                Kalyan Campus

                After a long delay since the planning of a sub-campus for Kalyan in 2007, the University of Mumbai started a campus in Kalyan in 2019.

                How to Download Mumbai University (Mu) Question Paper 

                How to Download Question paper ?

                (Muquestionpapers) - Sem/ Previous Year Question, Paper Following are the steps to download the
                Mumbai University Question Paper - Semester and former Year Question Paper are as follows:

                • Firstly, the candidate visits on the official website of mu.acin.
                • The candidates must click the link of downloading the previous year/ semester question paper.
                • Click on the listed link from the official website then it will redirect you to a New Browser tab.
                • The list of the semester and former year question papers will appear.
                • Then the candidate must click on the question paper link per their choice.
                • Subsequently, the Mumbai University Question Paper is displayed on the screen.
                • Eventually, candidates should save & download the paper for future purposes.
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