How to Create and Publish Research or Thesis Paper - Best way with all precautions

How to create and publish research paper or thesis paper

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Understanding the paper publishing process might be crucial for many new authors. We received emails from many authors asking for the process of publishing a research paper and hence writing this post. This paper publishing process post might be helpful for many authors seeking to submit their research work in Scholarly Journals by adhering to publication ethics.

This article will help you to write and publish your research paper. For Research Scholars doing Ph.D., it is mandatory to publish their research papers in international level journals. And many of the students who will apply for further studies in technical courses will discover that relevant published research papers help during the admission process. So here we are trying to post some guidelines that you can follow.

    Journal which sample or steps which we are providing are  - 950Rs for publication - Fast Publication (Recommended)          - 1000Rs for publication - Slow Then Previous                     - 5000Rs for publication - Depends (Not tried)

    If you want to publish a paper in another journal then please refer to their format of the paper publication. Depending on their format please create or add their logo and name in the header and footer of our sample file.

    Download Onion Ride Sample Paper

    To download sample 

    1) Go to and search for "Sample Paper"
    2) Select the File icon, which is below the search box
    Onion Ride File type Search

    3) New Select Extension Option will be visible, Select "doc" or "docx" extension
    4) At the top you will see Onion Ride Sample Paper Download, click on it to download the sample Paper file.

    You will see 2 files depending on your choice download any from that.

    Onion Ride Black Book Download

    Edit Downloaded Sample Paper File in Microsoft Office Word Depending on your content.

    How do I check for plagiarism?

    Firstly, we should know more about plagiarism. What is plagiarism?

    The word plagiarism means "robbery and pass off the thoughts or expressions of another as one's own: use another's creation without crediting the source."

    The consideration of "robbery" in this definition incorporates examples when another's thoughts or words are purposefully utilized without crediting the source. Indeed, even coincidentally utilizing another's thoughts or words without an appropriate reference because of imprudence falls under this definition since your work attempts to "pass-off" another's work as your own.

    How to spot it?

    1. More than one font.

    Post for changes in text style type, size, shading, and style (italics, strong, or underline), just as dubious organizing, particularly a change starting with one set then onto the next (single versus twofold space, edges, etc.) There might be other, completely real explanations behind these mistakes, so it's not dispositive evidence of copyright infringement; however, it should be a warning.

    2. Inappropriate hyperlinks.

    Along similar lines, a sign that a paper (or a bit of it) might be reordered from an online source is the presence of HTML joins, which you clearly can't follow if the accommodation is a printed copy. These are regularly underlined and blue, or hazier dark in highly contrasting printed papers. Once more, there might be no injustice here, yet it could be an indication of something.

    3. Obsolete information.

    If you run over a section that says something like, "our present president, Bill Clinton," or "Soviet researchers attest that," you may be perusing a copied paper. In all actuality, this may likewise be an indication of poor exploring aptitudes or plain obliviousness, yet it's certain aromatic of languid scholarly robbery.

    4. Missing references.

    These can either be commentaries or endnotes that don't exist or arbitrary notes with no referent in the content. Much the same as a befuddled or confounded reference style, these remaining details can uncover lumps of text lifted straightforwardly from the source material. Once more, mistaken or missing references are an academic offense in themselves; however, they may likewise highlight something more precise and intentional.

    Here is the tool which will check plagiarism for you all

    1) Search Engine Reports :- - 1500 Words ( Best Tool - Recomonded)

    2) Small  SEO T0ols :- - 1000 Words

    3) Plagiarism Detector :- - 1000 Words

    Use any tools from above, check just upload your word file to their website and they will check plagiarism for you and also show you from which website you have copied content or your content match.

    Plagirism Checkher

    Steps to Publish Thesis / Research Paper

    The flow of paper publication

    Paper Publication Process

    1) Go to the website where you want to publish the Paper.
    2) Click on submit a paper or follow the below link if you want to publish from the 2 journals mentioned above
    3) Write all details which are required there, add all author names by commas.
    4) Submit your paper for review.
    5) You will receive one mail of submission. After that, they will review your paper.
    6) After the review gets completed, they will send you confirmation mail that your paper has been reviewed and accepted.
    7) Now we have to do payment of paper from the link provided by them and also take a screenshot of that payment completed page.
    9) We have to download the Copyright agreement from any journal in which we want to publish our paper and fill all required details in that copyright paper.
    10) Fill all details in copywriter form with all author's names and save it as pdf.

    11) Step for both journals are different so follow the below step from which you are publishing.
    • IJET:- 
    After payment, we have sent them all the required documents that they have requested in the mail if any.

    We have attached all three files which you have mentioned in the mail.

    • Final paper (Word format):-
    • payment receipt:-
    •  Signed Copyright-Form:- 

    Waiting for the journal to get published.

    • IRJET:- 

    and fill in all required details and add all files as required.

    12) After sending all files to them, now we have to wait for 1-2 days, which may vary depends on their workflow.
    13)  Finally you will get mail that your journal has been published successfully.

    Published Sucessfully

    If your paper gets rejected, then go and check plagiarism by following the steps mention above after downloading the sample file.

    View Sample Paper Published 


    We have finally created and published our paper.

    If you have any doubts you can contact me on WhatsApp:- +918408993879